Changelog 7.4.x


The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.4.03 aug 05 2020

  • Running and browsing through paginated slideshows will now automaically continue on the next c.q. first page after the last slide on the current page.
  • You can now overrule the default setting zoomable (Table IV-A37) on the album admin page for that specific album.
  • Remaking files no longer creates unwanted files in the source folders.
  • Added log messages when a mailing is not run because it is disabled or it has no subscribers.

7.4.02 jul 20 2020

  • Missing IPTC or EXIF data will no longer be displayed as N.a. but will show empty.
  • The parent shortcode attribute will now also work for virtual albums. E.g. [wppa type="content" parent="#featen,1,5"].
  • Shortcode type="url" did no longer work due to concatenated html comment. Fixed.
  • New setting: Table IV-A37: Enable zooming. Enables zooming and panning on non-panorama images the same way as panoramas work.
    Note: Like panoramas, zooming does not work in slideshows and in lightbox when linked from slideshows.
  • New setting: Table IX-B21: The max number of photos in the selectionbox in the shortcode generators is now selectable.
  • You should no longer receive duplicate emails.

7.4.01 jun 18 2020

  • New setting Table IV-A35.1: Request info dialog text. Requesting info now opens a dialog box that asks the user to specify his request.
  • New setting Table IV-A36: Use Gallery not Album. Changes all 'album' into 'gallery' in all texts.
  • New setting Table IV-A27.2: Admins choice me only. Shows the link to the current users zipfile only.
  • New shortcode attribute login="yes" or login="admin". The wppa shortcode is only processed when the user is logged in or the user is an admin or wppa superuser.
  • Runtime modifyable settings now also work on ajax links generated when the settings were active. This means that a shortcode with the delay attribute inside a wrapper now also obeys the runtme modifyable settings.
  • Shortcode types that result in unexpected display when attribute delay is used now produce a log debug message and will ignore the delay attribute rather than a generic album display.
  • Table VI-C1 (download link) has a new option: new. Creates a download button for loggedin visitors only, on the same row as the edit/delete/request info/My choice buttons. Photos only.
  • There are now distinguished cachefiles for logged-in and logged-out visitor displays.

7.4.00 jun 11 2020

  • Various security fixes.
  • The nesting level on the album admin page will now only show up when you use the max level limitation in Table VII-B1.0, i.e. the value <> 99.
  • You can now add some exif/iptc tags as default for the photo custom datafields. They will be filled in with the corresponding data at upload/import if available. For backward compatibility, Table VII-B4.2: Apply New Photodesc, will also fill in the data for existing items if available. When there is no value for an w#cd-keyword, an 2#-iptc item or a E#-exif item, the corresponding label value will also be empty when the photo description is filtered for keywords. This means that a table line like e.g. <tr><td>w#cc0</td><td>w#cd0</td></tr> will show nothing as long as there is no css that forces the height of it to be > 0.
  • Added chackbox to Table IX-D5 to autmatically remove linebreaks and redundant space when the photo description is updated.
  • New setting: Table IX-D11.4: Iptc 025 keywords to tags. Convert IPTC025 keywords to tags during upload. Saving IPTC must be on.
  • New maintenance proc Table VIII-B24: Re-init custom and tags.
  • The album table was not switcheable to Collapsable table for non admin users when 'owners only' is active. Fixed.
  • Table IX-E21: Extended duplicate removal, now also works on calendars.
  • Table IV-A27: Enable Admins choice, is now a selectionbox. You can select 'none', 'admin and superuser' and 'all loggedin'. So the meaning of 'Admins Choice' can now be extended to 'Users Choice'.
  • You can now remove items from the MyChoice zipfile.
  • New setting: Table IX-A35: Enable request info. Shows a button under the slideshow image to request info by email.
  • New setting: Table IV-A27.1: Tag admins choice. The user who selected MyChoice will add the tag User- to the item. This means that e.g. a slideshow can be generated with the seleced photos:
    [wppa type="slide" album="#tags,User-1"] for admin or [wppa type="slide" album="#tags,#me"] for the current user.
  • When the download link is text and not the source, a download dialog will appear rather than the image in a new window.