Changelog 7.2.x


The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.2.16 dec 07 2019

  • The horizon on the photo admin page is now up/down draggable. Note: Imagick must be activated to adjust photos to the horizon.
  • New setting: Table IV-B16: Filmonly continu. The filmstrip will move almost continously. The speed is approx the animation time per item. Make sure the speed is not set to --- off ---.
  • New setting: Table II-B1.1: Start/stop on Filmonly.
  • Lightbox on filmstrip now never uses thumbnail images.
  • Fixed a lay-out issue on theme twentytwenty for lightbox panoramic images where the controls did not align and on filmstrips.
  • The filmstrip now looks to continue on a running slideshow between last and first image without jumping back.
  • Table IV-B12 now also works on xphoto.

7.2.15 nov 29 2019

  • The initial display width in cases where the shortcode specifies a maximum responsive size like size="auto,550" is now correctly set to 550 as opposed to the value in Table I-A1.1.
  • On all places where the shortcode [wppa ...] accepts the arg album=".." you can ow also enter parent="..". The parent attribute overrules a possible album attribute. The parent attribute may be an enumeration of parent ids. Note that parent="0" means: all non separate albums, and parent="-1" means: all separate albums.
  • The most recent status of the 'opened' lists of subalbums of the album table on the album admin page is now remembered like the open tables of the settings page.
  • New setting: Table IX-E23. In case of conflicts you can set the form method for search to 'get' as opposed to 'post'.

7.2.14 nov 14 2019

  • You can now enter a name for your backup of the settings; this means you can now have multiple backups without the need to ftp them to your local pc and rename them.
  • Settings backup files are no longer removed from the depot when the user enters the import adnmin screen.
  • Real calendar days with items now also show the daynumber; Improved (initial) display.
  • Real calendar now also displayes properly in static (non responsive) environments.
  • When the real calendar links to slideshow, partially wrong images were displayed in the slideshow. Fixed.
  • Added 5:8 as selectable thumbnail aspect ratio.
  • Fixed various lay-out issues for theme twentytwenty.
  • When a CDN is active and the thumbnail ratio is not set to the default, the thumbnail iamges will now be used reather than the cdn smaller images.

7.2.13 nov 07 2019

  • Changed algorithm and texts around 'Awaiting moderaion' for comments to more descriptive ones.
  • Only mailingtypes 'newalbumnotify', 'feuploadnotify', 'commentnotify' are now skipped for admin if Table IX-M97 is ticked.
  • Added classes to the album navigator widget to enable css customization.
  • The creation of .htacces file for photo permalinks is now always triggered on album creation.
  • The numbers of photos in the titles in the tagcloud were not alwaiy correct on large systems. Fixed.
  • Rating change did no longer work, a new rating was added. Fixed.

7.2.12 oct 28 2019

  • Fixed a warning in the TopTen widget.
  • When Comment needs rating (Table IV-F13) was active and the comment was given before the rating, the comment moderate request mailing was sent instead of the comment notify mailing. The comment notify issue is fixed. If configured, the comment moderate mailing will still be sent if the rating is not done in 120 seconds.
  • Typing the keys ESC, x or q should exit lightbox. This stopped working. Fixed.
  • Fixed a redundant " in the searchbox.
  • The smileypicker could no longer be switched off. Fixed.
  • New setting: Table IX-M97: No admin email. Do not send emails on adminbistrator actions. If ticked, administrators can add albums, photos and comments without emails being sent.
  • Added an exception for 'Comment needs rating': The user can add comments to his own photos (e.g. as a reply) without the need of a rating. In this case the default moderation rules apply.
  • Changed warning text when a rating is pending.
  • When the user can not rate its own photos, the rating stars and thumbs will no longer be displayed on those photos. The message 'Sorry ... ' on lightbox ia also removed.

7.2.11 oct 21 2019

  • Fixed a few missing values in adding new rows to db tables to fix issues with certain sql implementations.
  • Improved lay-out of commentform, especially for mobile devices.
  • Ratings are now saved with the displayname as opposed to login name, to make sure that rating needs comment and comment needs rating will work in all situations. If comment needs vote or vote needs comment are active during upgrade, all pending comments will be approved and all pending votes will be published.
  • New shortcode attributes for type="calendar" calendar="real...: year="2013" month="10" for starting at october 2013.

7.2.10 oct 15 2019

  • When the status of a photo is set to 'featured' it will be inserted in the standard wp media library, now also works for mp4 videos.
  • On the Moderate Photos admin page when there are no photos to moderate, the page displayes all photos in the system by timestamp desc for administrators. In this case the pagelinks were missing. Fixed.
  • New shorcode attribute values for type="calendar". The new values are 'realtimestamp', 'realmodified' and 'realexifdtm' for the attribute calendar="", so you can now have a 'real look' calendar using shortcode: [wppa type="calendar" calendar="realexifdtm"], optionally add the album="" attribute.
    Note: Only numeric albums or numeric album enumerations are supported. E.g. album="7" or album="1.5..8.19", meaning albums 1,5,6,7,8 and 19.
  • New setting: Table VI-C12: Real calendar link. May be lightbox (default) or slideshow. The slideshow will be dispalyed below the calendar.
  • New shortcode argument for all calendar types: parent="x" where x is a single album id. When using parent="" it overrules the album="" argument.
  • New option switch Table IV-F13: Comment needs vote. If ticked, a user must give a rating to get his comment published.
    Note: This feature overrules other comment moderation settings.
  • Fixed a js error in masonry horizontal thumbnails display on initial load.
  • Fixed a bug in random photo order.

7.2.09 sep 21 2019

  • Gutenberg preview of wppa gallery shorcodes now also works when Table IX-A1.3 is ticked.
  • When uploading/importing an mp4 file, an attempt will be made to find the actual framesize, the timestamp and the duration of the video. If found it will be registered.
  • New maintenance proc Table VIII-B22: Fix mp4 meta data, to fix the metadata for the existing items.
  • When the status of a photo is set to 'featured' it will be inserted in the standard wp media library, so it can be used as featured image in a page/post. Changing the status threafter has no effect.
  • Calendar vieuw with all open did no longer work. Fixed.

7.2.08 sep 04 2019

  • Fixed a problem when displaying slideshows with comment field caused by user display names containing (single) quotes.
  • Fixed a regression in the interpretation of shortcode arguments since 7.2.07 with respect to accented letters.
  • Placeholder code for search box produced an error in certain circumstances. Fixed.
  • Added plugin AMP to the blacklist, because it completely destroys the dynamic functionality (links, onclick event handlers etc).

7.2.07 sep 01 2019

  • Various security and code quality issues fixed.
  • Table IX-E22: Placeholder text for the search photos box/widget is believed to work in all configurations now.
  • The zipfile name of the album download is now always sanitized and no longer dependant of Table IX-D17. This fixes possible 404 errors on album downloads when the album name had funny characters like " in its name.
  • One could not have more than one multitag/tags-filter instance on a page. Fixed.
  • Fixed typo's and missig translations in the settings admin page.

7.2.06 aug 21 2019

  • Fixed a few issues with user display names with accented characters.
  • New setting: Table IX-E22: Placeholder text for the search photos box/widget.
  • Various security and code quality issues fixed.

7.2.05 aug 08 2019

  • Various minor security issues fixed.
  • Layout fix for window resizing photo editor with imagemagick.
  • Magick editing updated photo sizes with thumbnail sizes (on screen only). Fixed.
  • Cropper did not show up when lazy load was active. Fixed.
  • New Setting: Table IV-D9: Use thumb on cover. To use possible cropped thumbnail image on album covers even when a CDN is active.

7.2.04 jul 31 2019

  • Adding tags by seleciting existing tags resulted in the text: [object HTMLTextAreaElement]. Fixed.
  • Same for description when using wp editor. Fixed.
  • Fixed a display issue in the supersearch box when js deferred.
  • New setting: Table I-D9: Cover spacing. Sets the spacing size between multicolumn covers on a row. Does not work for 'Grid' covers.
  • Fixed a typo in the topten widget activation screen.
  • Breadcrumb can now be displayed when cover type is grid.
  • Cropping now also works on the classic front-end editor when imagemagick is activated.

7.2.03 jul 24 2019

  • Added crop functionality to imageMagick commands on the photo admin pages.
  • Changed the algorithm for extended duplicate removal in search operations.
  • Added a checkbox on the photo admin page to lock the thumbnail, so, if ticked, the thumbnail file will not be remade when requested individually or in bulk procedures.
  • Simplified (speeded up) and improved security while updating on the photo admin page.
  • Improved reloading photo images after being visually modified on the photo admin page (without reloading the entire page).
  • Fixed a spourious issue where the album timestamp was empty, causing php warnings.
  • Any attempt to show previous or next on a lightbox single image showed the loading spinner. Fixed.

7.2.02 jul 12 2019

  • Added cover type Grid with images only.
  • Added Table IV-G2.2: Click om image, to browse on image click.
  • Entering a path to imagick commands always returned an errormessage, even when the path was correct. Fixed.

7.2.01 jul 06 2019

  • Changed the algoritm of the extended duplicate removal of search operations.
  • Viewcounts were not bumped by lightbox if hires files were used for lightbox (Table IV-G6) or local CDN is active (Table IX-K4). Fixed.
  • On large systems, the update of the value returned by w#fsviews took too long to be usefull. It will now be updated immediately when update is pending and the value is requested.
  • Added photo description keyword w#albumdesc to display the album description inside the photo description.
  • If the url of a thumbnail is requested and the thumbnai file does not exist, an attempt to create it will be mane.
  • Navigation icon size for lightbox is now configurable in Table I-J5.

7.2.00 jun 14 2019

  • Changed defaults for Table IX-D19 and IX-D20 as this seems to be the most convenient.
  • The mailing of frontload upload notifications will now combine multiple photos in one notification email for photos that have the same owner and are in the same album, and the uploads have been done during a period of max 5 minutes.
  • For users who can create (sub) albums, the uplaod widget and the box created by [wppa type="upload"] will now show a selectionbox of parents where the user can create a subalbum. The selectionbox may contain --- none --- and --- separate --- if the user can create toplevel albums.
  • The number of downloads as enabled in Table VI-C1.x is now registered.
  • Added w#dlcount as photo description keyword to display the download count.
  • Added display and sort method Download count to the TopTen widget.
  • For lightbox, multiple single images will now be treated as a set, so you can browse through them. There will be separate sets for the three single image types photo, mphoto and xphoto
  • Fixed some ssl issues.