Tags Filter


The Photo Tags Filter feature enables you to quickly find photos having certain tags. Both in the widget as in the shortcode version, you can limit the cloud to a certain set of tags. In the widget select the tags in the multi selection box at widget activation; in the shortcode, add the attribute taglist="tag1,tag2", any number of tags, seperated by comma's, no spaces.
You can display the tags in any number of columns ( 2 is the default ) by adding the attribute cols="n", e.g.: cols="3".
If you do not want the And and the Or checkboxes or the Inverse selection checkbox, you can switch them off in Basic settings -> Search -> I -> Item 9: Tags OR only and Item 10: Tags add Inverse

The shortcodes on this page are:
[wppa type="landing"]
[wppa type="multitag" cols="3"]

I have set the landing page to this page in Basic settings -> Links -> III: Links from items and images in widgets -> 12: Multitag Link. This makes that the results are displayed on this page, while the Tags Filter (a.k.a. multitag) box is not replaced by the results. If you want the multitag box above the results, put the landing shortcode below the multitag shortcode, and set the occur to 2 at the very right hand side of Basic settings -> Links -> III: Links from items and images in widgets -> Item 12: Multitag Link, because you want the results displayed on the second shortcode occurrance on the page.

Note: Although both versions are shown on this page, you should have maximum only either one multitag box or one multitag widget on a page. If you want to test it here, use the shortcode (box) version, not the widget.

 And  Or
 Inverse selection
 Addingham  Amusementpark  Animals
 Bangladesh  Barrel  Behavior
 Berlin  Bird  Cactus
 Canada  Cancer  Care
 Children  Contest  Development
 Dish  Dog  Dolomites
 Duck  Edit  Festivaloflights
 Fff  Flower  Food
 Forest  Freehanded  Fridays For Future
 GPX  Garbage  Garden
 Geo_demo  Health  Holland
 Hotairballooning  House  Iris
 Italy  Kunst  Leash
 Lola  Main Street  Medicine
 Moslems  Nederland Utrecht  Nikon
 Nubuyftf  Old School  Organ
 Owl  Painting  People
 Play  Pod  Police
 Pony  Pup  Puppy
 Rickshaws  Robot  Seed
 Ship  Shortcode  Sickness
 Snails  Social Movement  Socializing
 Swan  Ticks  Toys
 Training  Trees  Underwater
 Vaccination  Veterinarian  Video
 Vintage Magazine Ads  Virtual  Vpc