The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.1.10 may 08 2019

  • Failed attempts to create a directory tree will no longer result in a blank screen.
  • Added a selection option to the photo of the day subtitle. Displays photo and album names and descriptions.
  • Added 'non-zero only' checkbox in Table I-F1, to select only rated/viewed photos in the topten selection.
  • Fixed a possible sql error in the topten widget.
  • Fixed a problem when importing remote .png images.

7.1.09 apr 28 2019

  • Dropped te use of WP_Filesystem() due to problems like installations where $wp_filesystem->is_dir() always returns false without a valid reason.
  • Added Table IX-D20 to remove accents in filenames (prior to possible fully sanitizing), to fix the problem that wp sanitize_filename() simply removes the accented chars.
  • Filenames are now changed to utf8 if they are not utf8 encoded.
  • Fixed a problem with lightbox where the wrong item showed up as first when there were identical stub images present in the set.

7.1.08 apr 19 2019

  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error when deleting a local cdn folder.
  • When creating a sibling album, the following items are copied from the originating album: cover_type, cover_linktype, coverphoto if it is a method rather than an individual photo.
  • Maintenance proc Table VIII-B21 added: Covert png to jpg.
  • Max execution time (Table IX-A5) can not be lower than 25.
  • Thumbnail files of multimedia items could not be remade. Fixed.
  • Fixed a js issue in the fe upload procedure causing broken slideshows.

7.1.07 apr 11 2019

  • Added Table IX-D19: Sanitize filenames during import/upload. Do not switch this off unless you really need this.
  • Added a checkbox on the Import screen to remove empty dirs after dir to album imports.
  • Improved reliability of remote imports.
  • Session data is now also maintained for using admin pages.
  • Added cover_linktype to acceptable items in wppa_update_album().

7.1.06 mar 31 2019

  • Added shortcode argument delay="yes" to fill the wppa container by ajax after document.ready. Use it when you have a random photo order and HTML caching. Does NOT work when defer javascript is active (Table IV-A13).
  • Page specific js data is now printed in the page itsself, no longer by loading a page specific script file. This saves a http request, and the page dependant data has to be loaded anyway.
  • Fixed a layout issue in multicolumn responsive covers display.
  • Videos did not display in the wppa recent activity dashboard widget. Fixed.
  • Added 'infifite' as selection option in Table IX-A15.1
  • Fixed a spurious warning message above wppa displays.

7.1.05 mar 15 2019

  • Various security fixes.
  • Additinal lazy load process during resize handler.
  • Fixed a few 'undefined var' warnings.
  • Comment request mderation emails were not sent when comment notify emails was disabled. Fixed.
  • Unused depot folders will now automatically be deleted.
  • User depot dirs will now be created the moment the user opens the import admin page for the first time.

7.1.04 mar 08 2019

  • If a video has a posterimage and corresponding thumbnail, the thumbnail image will now be used as poster image for the album cover image.
  • Added options to Table IX-A15.1 and Table IX-A15.2.
  • Fixed possible hang during setup.
  • The depot dir is now only created for the administrators and for other users that access the import page.

7.1.03 mar 07 2019

  • Fixed layout of popup windows of Table VIII-C.
  • Popup windows of Table VIII-C now use nicescroller.
  • Version is now bumped for photo and thumbnail files after updating pdf poster image.
  • Built-in protection against recursive error logging.
  • Attempt to log recursive is detected and shown at the top of the log in Table VIII-A1 and on the adminbar menu loglist.
  • Fixed a problem with frontend uploads when saving source was switched off.
  • Fixed a problem with import pdf posters when saving source was switched off.

7.1.02 mar 02 2019

  • Added Table IX-A16: Load nicescroller js always.
  • Table I-C10 (Thumbnail area max size) and Table I-C11 (Use nicescroller) have been moved to Table I-A12 and Table I-A13 and apply now also to the album cover area.
  • The local cdn file list on the photo admin page now link to the images in a new window.
  • Fixed a filesystem credentials issue resulting in black local cdn images on certain servers.
  • Added 'week number is order#' as choice in the Photo of the day admin page at line 11a.

7.1.01 feb 22 2019

  • Pdfs now show the real pdfs in ”fs file with download and print buttons” popup window.
  • You can have a CDN active when PDFs are enabled. However, the documents will stay stored locally on the server.
  • Table IX-A15.1 and Table IX-A15.2 added. Use in complex situations where window resizing partially fails.
  • Multimedia icons are now custom uploadable. See Table II-J14.x. Note that changing the size here also changes the size of the medals on the thumbnail.
  • Added Table IX-F13 and Table IX-F14 to specify size and margin of the watermark placement.

7.1.00 feb 18 2019

  • The Photo Albums -> Upload Photos admin page now has only one box to upload all configured filetypes. The sequence order of video/audio/pdf files and their respective poster files is no longer important, so you can add an image to a mediafile as well as add a mediafile to an image, provided the filenames except extensions are identical.
    If you upload a zipfile with a directory structure, this structure will be created as a sub-album structure if it does not already exist, and the items will be placed in the sub(sub) albums accordingly.
    You may even upload zipfiles with embedded zipfiles.
  • The Photo Albums -> Import Photos admin page now also supports document files of type pdf. The sequence order of importing documents and poster image files is not important.
  • The audio stub file was overwritten by the most recently uploaded audio posterfile. Fixed.
  • Fixed a situation where the THREE.js file was erroneously not loaded, e.g. when going with ajax to a 360 display from a page without 360 images.
  • When the available display space for thumbnails was smaller than the thumbnail size, the thumbnail was displayed off the screen. Fixed.
  • The 'Default photo name' method as selected in Table IX-D13 is now also applied when importing photos etc.
  • Lightbox on pdf thumbnails images opens the pdf itsself in an iframe on non-mobile equipment.
  • Pdfs in slideshows display the actual pdfs.
  • Pdfs in single image types display the actual pdfs.