Changelog 8.0.x


The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

Version 8: Better settings page, Faster code, Less http requests, Less disk accesses

8.0.3 sep 08 2021

  • Extended alternate ajax methods and fixed certain links. If frontend ajax links do not work, you can select different ajax methods on Advanced settings -> System -> I Item 5: Ajax method. ('Normal' is default). 'Classic' is like pre ver 8 method 'Ajax non admin' ticked, Backend method is like pre ver 8 'Ajax non admin' unticked (uses admin-ajax).
  • If frontend upload does not work (give errors) set Advanced settings -> Users -> I Item 5.1: Upload Ajax method to 'extern' (like classic) or to 'backend' (uses admin-ajax). ('normal' is default).
  • Note on upload. If you want users to upload to sites that have a site password, i.e. where users do not need to login with their name, treat them as non logged in. To allow uploads in this case: tick the box in Advanced settings -> Users -> I Item 32: Upload logout, and make sure the owners of the albums allowed to upload to are set to ---public---.
  • If you do not use the widget or the upload shortcode but let them upload using the album cover link, make sure empty albums are not skipped, to allow the first upload. See Basic settings -> Albums -> II Item 7: Skip empty albums.
  • Plugin All in One SEO tampers the internal wppa occurrance counters because it renders the page before the actual page building. This results in certain links not working like the link from an image in a widget to a landing page, because the landing shortcode is no longer the first occurrance. Provided a fix for this by resetting the counters at the end of the the process that builds the page header.
  • When both defer javascript was active and the shortcode was cached, reponsiveness was no longer fully supported. Fixed.
  • Switching off manual control on a spheric panorama caused a js error resulting in not displaying the image. Fixed.
  • The documentation site now shows the version 8 settings.
  • Fixed a problem in scheduled renewing crypts. The time interval is now correctly obeyed.
  • Cache is now cleared when a maintenance procedure has completed.

8.0.2 aug 24 2021

  • Further restructured javascript loading and inits. One can now also cache slideshows and slideshow widgets when defer javascript is on.
  • Re-added the feature that non loggedin users can upload photos. Be careful wit this, especially make sure moderating is on.
    See Advanced settings -> Users -> I Item 32: Upload logout, and Advanced settings -> Admin -> II Item 11: Upload moderation. Added an admin notice about this if applicable.
  • Fixed frontend upload issues.
  • Added option Advanced settings -> System -> I Item 5: Ajax method. In vertsion 8 the official way to use Ajax at the frontend as documented in the Developers manual was implemented.
    Unfortunately this method appears not to work on every site, so i added a selectionbox with 4 options. If certain links at the frontend do not work, try one of the alternate methods.
    If frontend upload does not work properly when the progressbar (i.e. ajax upload) is on, try one of the alternate methods listed in Advanced settings -> Users -> I Item 5.1: Upload Ajax method

8.0.1 aug 10 2021

  • Re-added the WPPA+ text widget for backward compatibility.
  • All querystring items now have a value. This fixes the fact that isset() returns false when the value is null, leading to certain links not working proprtly.
  • Improved algorithm for lazy load on mobile devices.

8.0.0 aug 04 2021

  • Restructured and greatly simplified settings page. Removed obsolete and redundant settings. Made the layout more friendly.


    Photo Albums -> Settings

    See also: this documentation page
  • Photo of the day admin page is now in the Settings page under Photos.
  • To create albums or upload photos can only be done by logged in users, you can no longer configure these features for loggedout visitors.
  • Custom css settings are being fased out. One is encouraged to move that to the wp customizer. On the settings page you will only see the custom css items that are not empty. The help text encourages you to move the content to the wp customizer.
  • Ajax method changed. No longer possible to choose between admin or non admin ajax. Ajax is always activated, because there can no longer be conflicts due to inaccessibility of both ajax files from the frontend by http request.
  • Photo count treshold has been removed because one can select a childrens image as cover image of any album.
  • Nice scroller is no longer loaded on mobile devives. Scrollbars on mobile are nice enough by themselves and this improves performance.
  • Removed WPPA+ Text widget. You can now use the WP Custom HTML widget instead.
  • HTML in descriptions is now automatically allowed for those users who have HTML edit rights.
  • Widgets do no longer show up anywhere if the corresponding feature is not enabled. e.g. Notify widget - Enable email. etc.
  • The shortcode to display the most recently uploaded photo did not work when additionally the album was specified e.g.
    [wppa type="photo" photo="#last,12"][wppa type="photo" album="12" photo="#last"]. Fixed. Works also for type="mphoto" and type="xphoto".
  • Fixed a slideshow filmstrip layout issue for theme twentytwentyone.
  • Fixed lightbox layout issues when panorama and standard photos were mixed
  • The max simultaneous ajax requests during resequencing photos is now limited to 10. This prevents db errors due to too many open db instances.
  • Caching system is simplified. Just on or off. In widgets: checkbox; in shortcodes: '', '0', 'off' or 'no' means no caching; anything else means caching on. Although the fact that there are separate cachefiles for logged-in and logged-out visitors, make sure you do nat cache widgets or shortcodes that may display user dependant content.