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Users who have the Comment Admin capability set in Advanced settings -> Admin -> I: WPPA+ related roles and capabilities, will also have the sub-menu item Photo Albums -> Comments. This submenu item opens the Comment admin page:


Photo Albums -> Comments

This screen enables changing the comment status, editing the content as well as deletion of comments.
There are also various bulk actions available.
If you want a the photo to be shown at large size, select a landing page first in the Linkpage selectionbox.

Comments entered with a wrong captcha will be marked as spam automaticly, and later on deleted according to your configurations.

Important Related settings:

Setting Name Description
Basic settings -> General -> I -> Item 4 Comments system Enable the comments system.
Basic settings -> Comments -> I -> Item 4 Comment moderation Comments from what users need approval.
Advanced settings -> Admin -> I The user role Comment Admin
Advanced settings -> Admin -> V -> Item 13 Comment captcha Use a simple calculate captcha on comments form.
Advanced settings -> Admin -> V -> Item 14 Spam lifetime Delete spam comments when older than.
Advanced settings -> Admin -> VI -> Item 7 Comment admin page size The number of comments per page on the Comments admin pages.