Changelog 7.0.x


The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.0.12 feb 07 2019

  • Update addressline with pretty urls issued a problem on the homepage. Fixed.
  • Fixed a problem where non admin users tried to delete their own album.
  • Fixed an issue with respect to the parent album selection box.
  • Treecounts were not updated after a pdf upload. Fixed.
  • Added name slugs on the album and photo admin pages. These names will be used in urls, if names in urls configured.

7.0.11not released

  • Fixed a js warning related to google maps api loading.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with wp search.
  • Uploads of pdfs in Box A and Box B work correctly now.

7.0.10 jan 28 2019

  • Album and photo name slugs were not always updated on name change. Fixed.
  • Hughe performance improvement for mailing commentnotify.

7.0.09 jan 20 2019

  • Added a checkbox to the album widget to include (great)(grand)children.
  • Cosmetic changes to the settings page Table VIII buttons.
  • Thumbnail popups now stay within the thumbnail area.
  • QR cache did not work. Fixed.
  • The logfile is now displayed with the youngest message first.
  • Local cdn did not generate .png images. Fixed.
  • Status stars on the settings page for changing iptc and exif items did not show busy/ready/error icons. Fixed.
  • Scrolling on panoramas to zoom in/out will no longer move the pagecontent up/down.
  • Table IX-M3: Mail on comment, now has a checkbox to limit the mailing to photo owner and admin only.

7.0.08 jan 10 2019

  • Added dashboard widget for (un)subscribing to/from mailinglists.
  • Remake failed on .pdf's. Fixed.
  • Links defined on the photo of the day admin page did not work. Fixed.
  • Available tags were not updated when a photo was deleted. Fixed.
  • Auto updates could fail due to improper initialisation of wp filesystem. Fixed.
  • On certain systems uploads were no longer possible due to improper initialisation of wp filesystem. Fixed.
  • Copy/move photos generated a comm error. Fixed.

7.0.07 dec 31 2018

  • Security fixes
  • Added class wppa-notify-check to checkboxes and wppa-notify-label to labels on the frontend of the notify widget.

7.0.06 dec 23 2018

  • Fixed textual issues on the settings admin page.
  • Fixed defined path errors for Windows multisite individual systems.
  • Fixed nicescroll on window with deferred javascript.
  • Long mailinglists no longer break at timeout.

7.0.05 dec 14 2018

  • Fixed an issue with random sequence order when the content (thumbnails) is paginated.
  • Improved responsiveness to fix certain compatibility issues.
  • New photo name (Table IX-D13) now also works on backend uploads and imports.
  • Certain actions on album admin and photo admin did no longer work. Fixed.
  • Added Table IV-A34: Response speed. Select: The speed of responsive size adjustments.

7.0.04 dec 07 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a problem in commenting.
  • Fixed a problem in changing photo information.
  • Fixed a problem in comment status.

Other Changes

  • Added error messages on the admin dashboard in case of certain configuration conflicts.

7.0.03 dec 04 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Mail previous commented did not work. Fixed. ("SELECT DISTINCT")
  • Local selection box in import page was empty. Fixed. (wp-content is a safe path in import glob)

New Features

  • Indicators on thumbnails of media items when no control bar is present and on pdf document thumbnails.
  • If you have no ImageMagick installed or your ImageMagick version does not convert .pdf to .jpg, you can now upload a self created image file (e.g. screenshot) after the upload of the .pdf file. Names must be equal except the file-extension. .jpg and .png files are supported for this purpose.
  • Direct rating and commenting. See Table IX-A14.

7.0.02 nov 27 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for WPPA_MULTISITE_BLOGSDIR (WPPA_CONTENT_PATH . '/blogs.dir' is now a safe path)

Other Changes

  • Various security fixes

7.0.01 nov 23 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Front-end uploaddialog: when admin, multiple uploads should be possible even when one only was activated. Fixed. ($one_only = wppa_switch( 'upload_one_only' ) && ! wppa_user_is( 'administrator' );)
  • Front-end uploaddialog: very long filenames distorted layout. Fixed. (onclick=?"wppaSetMaxWidthToParentWidth(this);" on the visual button)
  • Link on thumbnail to lightbox did not work when the photo has audio. Fixed. (wppa_fix_poster_ext() now also works on versioned urls)
  • Automatic cache clearing stopped working, fixed. (WPPA_UPLOAD_PATH . '/cache' is now a safe root)

Other Changes

  • Table IV-A6: Enable pretty links - is now a selectionbox with three options: none, classic, and compressed.
    Compressed makes a bit better human readable urls when using album and photonames in urls is activated.
  • Compatibility with WPGlobus as alternative to qTranslate.

7.0.00 nov 16 2018

Bug Fixes

  • [wppa type="slphoto" photo="#last"] did not work. Fixed.

New Features

  • Shortcode generators for Gutenberg added.
  • New widget: WPPA+ Notify. Users can subscribe/unsubscribe for various mailings. Configure availability of mailing types in Table IX-M.

Other Changes

  • Removed Table IX-A14. Frontend code is now always loaded.
  • Removed script to shortcode conversion warning and tool.
  • The shortcode generators now produce self-closing shortcodes, i.e. without [/wppa].
  • Removed Table IV-F5. Configure emailing in Table IX-M.
  • Album selectionlist in upload widget is now always sorted alphabetically.