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If the rating system is enabled in Basic settings -> General -> I Item 5: Enable Ratings and configured in Basic settings -> Rating according to your preferences, you can easely display the best recently rated photos using shortcode type="bestof"
[wppa type="bestof" count="6" sortby="ratingcount" period="lastyear" height="120"]

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Photo of the day

Here are the photos used in the photo of the day widget.
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Piet's child

This album is a gp testing album for OpaJaap's never ending attempts to improve and expand wppa+. NEW 
The Parent album of the member albums: the Grant Parent.
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Buyable items

This album contains examples to be used in the Simple Cart and Buy Now documentation page
Views: 2650
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This album contains screenshots to document support calls
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Opa Jaap-3

This is my sub-album. Created with WPPA+ version 4.9.15
Views: 2064
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Geo Demo

Demonstration of the use of GPX data using the wppa+ embedded Google maps interface
Views: 14225
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Extended regular search

Album for demostration of the extended regular search features
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Category: Demo

First album

This is the description of the first album. It has a € sign in the description.
Gold medal
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Category: Demo

Child album

This is a child album
It's parent is "Second album"
Bronze medal
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Second album

Just another album
You can even have a link here! Yet another album!This is album four. It has (') and (") quotes in its description as well as html.
Bronze medal
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All these pictures are from the book 'Microcosmos', created by Brandon Brill from London.Photos from a holliday in Turkey