Photo display


The easiest way to display a single photo in your blogpost is by using the standardised [photo 3139] shortcode, where the number (3139 in this example) is the id of an existing photo.
The way the photo is displayed (kind of caption if any, size and alignment) can be set in Table IX-L of the Photo Albums -> Settings admin page:

This is photo number 3139.
Its filename is 1614.jpg, its photo name is 1614.jpg.
It has been uploaded by Nomen Nescio on 15 Oktober 2013 14:40, and last modified on 27 Juli 2016 17:48.
Tags are: Gpx. Views: 5567 times.

The fully customizable way to display a single photo is basially the folllowing shortcode:
[wppa type="photo" photo="12"][/wppa]

The code can be found on the Photo Albums -> Edit -> Manage Photos admin page. Each photo has a sample single image shortcode.

As you see, there are no breadcrumbs or other navigation bars, just the plain photo.
Maybe you want to display a smaller photo. Just change the width as in this example:
[wppa type="photo" photo="12" size="250"][/wppa]

The photo is left-aligned. To change this, do the following:
[wppa type="photo" photo="12" size="250" align="center"][/wppa]

You can choose: left, center and right. You can use the attributes size=".." and align=".." in all wppa shortcodes.
[wppa type="photo" photo="13" size="250" align="right"][/wppa]


Display a photo like a standard wp media photo with the photo description as subtext:
[wppa type="mphoto" photo="12" size="250" align="center"][/wppa]

Mushroom 'rood met witte stippen' also called 'Vliegenzwam'.

If you want it right-aligned:
[wppa type="mphoto" photo="13" size="250" align="right"][/wppa]

Another picture of mushrooms made by Opa Jaap

Half the available width responsive and centered:
[wppa type="mphoto" photo="12" size="0.5" align="center"][/wppa]

Mushroom 'rood met witte stippen' also called 'Vliegenzwam'.