User photos on profile page

If you have Buddypress and you want to display the users photos on his profile page, put this in the profile page template:

global $bp;
$owner = $bp->displayed_user->userdata->user_login;
echo apply_filters( 'the_content', '[wppa type="thumbs" album="#upldr,'.$owner.'"]' );

If you only want to show the photos from sub-albums of a certain album, e.g. the album with name: Members, change the shortcode into: (note the $ sign in front of the albumname)
[wppa type="thumbs" album="#upldr,' . $owner . ',$Members"]
this is equivalent to (assuming the album id of the Members album is 23):
[wppa type="thumbs" album="#upldr,' . $owner . ',23"]

You can change the shortcode as you like, the trick is the insertion of the username: $owner, being the var that holds the username of the profile being watched.

Domain links

If you want usernames to become links to their respective domain page, tick Advanced settings -> Misc -> IV: Other plugins related settings -> Item 10: Domain links BuddyPress.
This causes the usernames as appearing behind photo names in parenthesis to become the links, if: 1. Basic settings -> Slideshow -> I: Sllideshow component specifications -> Item 18: Add (Owner) is ticked and 2. No download link has been set in Basic settings -> Links -> IV: Other links -> Item 1: Download Link (aka Art Monkey link).
The keyword w#owner in album and photo descriptions will also become links to the user domain.
Likewise, the usernames at the comments on photos will be links to the domain.