WPPA has an embedded lightbox feature. To use it, just select 'lightbox' as Link type in Table VI of the Photo Albums -> Settings admin page..

The behaviour of the embedded lightbox is greatly configurable. See Table IV-G and Table II-G.

There are 5 modes of display:

  • 'normal' i.e. with border and optionally subtext. See Table II-G to configure the subtext.
  • 'padded' i.e. fullscreen, image displayed with its native aspect ratio, excessive screen space padded with the background as secified in Table IV-G.
  • 'stretched' i.e. the image is stretched - with possibly distorted aspect ratio - to fill the entire screen.
  • 'clipped' i.e. the image is enlared until no background is left over, the excess of the image is clipped.
  • 'realsize' i.e. the image is shown in real pixels. If the image is larger than the screen, the central part of the image is shown and scrollbars will make it possible to shift the image.

On a PC, the starting mode is 'normal' by default. You can change that in Table IV-G9.
On a mobile device, the starting mode is 'padded' by default. Settable in Table IV-G10.

On a PC, pressing the F key initially opens the 'padded' mode, pressing the F key repeatedly, causes the display to step through all fullscreen (non-'normal') modes. To return to the 'normal' mode, click the four arrows button near the upper-right corner, to quit ligtbox, either click the Exit button in the upper-right corner of the screen, or press the escape key. (Some browsers require a double escape).

On a mobile device there is no F key; you can only 'return' to normal, or quit.