Moving site


If you move your site to a different web host or to a different filesystem location, you should first read this documentation page. After you moved the site you must verify a few settings to make sure everything still works as it was.

The location of the photo source files

Look on the Photo Albums -> Settings admin page Table IX-H3:


WPPA Photo Source files directory path 1

Because it is possble to have the source files on a different location on the server - even 'outside' the WordPress directory - the path to the wppa source files is editable. If you just follow the standard, i.e. having the sourcefiles in .../wp-content/uploads/wppa-source/, you can copy the right directorypath form the help alertbox (click the ?) and paste it into the edit field. Then click somewhere outside the editbox to get the new path being updated.

WPPA Photo Source files directory path 2

The Navigation symbols for Slideshow and Lightbox

Look at Table II-K:


Navigation symbol urls 1

These urls are all five editable in case you want your own symbols. If you use your own symbols, keep them outside the .../plugins/wp-photo-album-plus/ plugin folder to grant plugin update safe functionality; and edit them here if the location url changed after moving your site. If you just use the defaults, you only need to verify the correct urls to the first 3 items.
The new default settings can be obtained like above: in the help alertbox:

Navigation symbol urls 2

The last 2 items will be grayed out and show the default values that are dependant of the theme color you have set in Table II-G2. If you ever entered something here and regret it, empty the edit field to restore the default behaviour.