Changelog 7.7.x


The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.7.01 feb 27 2021

  • New feature: On the album admin page (Edit album information) one can now overrule the following default settings for the items in the album: display name, description, rating and comments. You can select default to use the systemwide setting, yes to display or no to hide the attribute regardless of the systemwide setting. This works for slideshows, thumbnails and lightbox, where applicable.
  • Fixes: Slideshow animation type 'swipe' only worked for next slide but did not work for previous slide. Fixed.
  • Removed obsolete css attribute enable-background on svg elements and missing colors for svg tags are now replaced by transparent.
  • The album admin page (Edit album information) now also has a button to download the album (zipfile of the images). Works like the download link on album covers. Note that Table VI-C2: Album download link must be ticked. If you want this feature only for admins, make it a restricted action in Table VII-C11.
  • When 'adding owner to name' was activated in Table II-B5.1 and/or Table II-D2, the name of the photo was displayed even when displaying name was off (Table II-B5 and Table II-D1). This has been corrected; the photo names will now be hidden in that case.
  • The state of the 'remove empty dirs' switch on the import screen is now saved in a technical cookie and is no longer always on.
  • New shortcode type type="contest". Displays the rating results of an album. Syntax: [wppa type="contest" album="<album id>"] The album id may be either a single id or an enumeration. Alternatively you can supply attribute parent="<parent id>" where parent id may be a single id or an enumeration of album ids. See the Demonstration page
  • New setting: Table IV-E18: Contest top creterium. You can select 'Mean rating' (default) or 'Total ratring'.
  • New setting: Table IV-E19: Contest number. You can select '---none---' (default), 'Photo id' or 'Sequence number' to be placed near the photo name under the preview image.