Changelog 7.6.x


The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.6.01 dec 03 2020

  • New setting: Table VI-C13: Moderate links admin/superuser/owner only. If ticked, the moderate links etc. on the frontend will only be shown to admins, superusers and the photo owners. The owners still need to have the capability moderate in Table VII-A.
  • Fixed links to the wp plugins page when 'gallery not album' is activated in Table IV-A36.
  • New setting Table IX-D11.4: Grant restrict. Only create albums for users with Album Admin rights, See Table VII-A, first column. They need no upload rigts.
  • New setting Table IV-A27.3: Admins Choice action. You can now select the action for Admins Choice. Either add to personal zip (default), copy to grant album if available or both. In case of album only, the links are only shown to users who have album admin rights.
  • Non admins/superusers can only delete their own photos and albums.
  • New setting Table VII-C10: Album Admin separate. Restrict album admin to separate albums for non administrators.
  • Copying photos from one album to another did not update them in cdn cloudinary. Fixed.
  • Fixes for compatibility with wp 5.6
  • You can now also enter filenames and photonames in the green search field on the Album Admin page.
  • Thumbnails of panorama images now always use the thumbnail file rather than a possible CDN file for display.
  • Creating thumbnails for 360 spheric panoramas now always use the original, i.e. not the possibly formatted source file.
  • New setting: Table IV-H4: Initial zoom spheric panorama.