Photo url


The type="url" shortcode returns the url to the specified photo. The highest available resolution file will be used.

Example: [wppa type="url" photo="3959"] produces this text:

This demo site uses Cloudinary CDN, so you will see an url to a file on Cloudinary.
If I de-activate Cloudinary, it will show:


You can use it in an img tag as follows:

<img src='[wppa type="url" photo="3959"]' /> produces:

Note the single quotes in the src='...' attribute. This is to avoid contamination with the double quotes in the shortcode.

This feature is especially developed to use the photo of the day as a plain image:

<img src='[wppa type="url" photo="#potd"]' style="width:400px;" /> produces:

Note: <img src="[wppa type='url' photo='#potd']" style="width:100px;" /> will also work:

Use the Text editor, NOT the Visual !!

To use photo urls in photo descriptions, use wppa #keywords