The Photo Tagcloud feature enables you to quickly find photos having certain tags. Both in the widget as in the shortcode version, you can limit the cloud to a certain set of tags. In the widget select the tags in the multi selection box at widget activation; in the shortcode, add the attribute taglist="tag1,tag2", any number of tags, seperated by comma's, no spaces.

The shortcodes on this page are:
[wppa type="landing"][/wppa]
[wppa type="tagcloud"][/wppa]

I have set the landing page to this page in Table VI-C3. This makes that the results are displayed on this page, while the tagcloud box is not replaced by the results. If you want the tagcloud box above the results, put the landing shortcode above the tagcloud shortcode, and set the occur to 2 at the very right hand side of Table VI-C3, because you want the results displayed on the second shortcode occurrance on the page.

Docs by subject Suchen Tagcloud Fotos mit Schlagwort: Organ
opus32-0.jpg (opajaap)
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968 Ansichte
opus32-5.jpg (opajaap)
Views: 540 times
540 Ansichte
opus32-2.jpg (opajaap)
Views: 470 times
Bewertung: 4.00
470 Ansichte
opus32-3.jpg (opajaap)
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opus32-1.jpg (opajaap)
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opus32-0.jpg (opajaap)
Views: 110 times
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opus31.jpg (opajaap)
Views: 49 times
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opus20.jpg (opajaap)
Views: 85 times
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opus25.jpg (opajaap)
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opus16.jpg (opajaap)
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In Table I-F13 and Table I-F14 you can set the minimum and maximum font sizes (default 8 and 24px).