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This page describes how to show the content of an album on the website. The content of an album may be sub-albums, thumbnail images or a combination of both.
When no album is supplied, the content of the 'generic' album is displayed: the covers of the albums that have their parent album set to --- none ---.

In this example we use shortcode: [wppa type="album" album="2"][/wppa]meaning: show me the content of album number 2.

Because on this site there are page sizes defined in Table I-C7 for the max number of thumbnails per 'page' and in Table I-D8 for the max number of covers per page, the album covers will be dsiplayed on the first 'page' (or 'pages') and the thumbnails on the second (set of) 'page(s)'.

To say it in other words: If pagesizes are defined, there will at least be 2 'pages', one for covers and one for thumbnails, regardless of the number of them. See the pagelinks at top and bottom of the display.

If you want to show the thumbnails first, tick Table IV-A20

This shortcode is equivalent to [wppa type="content" album="2"][/wppa]

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Child album

This is a child album
It's parent is "Second album"

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All these pictures are from the book 'Microcosmos', created by Brandon Brill from London.

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Public Album

This album has set the owner to be
--- public ---
Once you are logged in, you can upload photos.

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If you want to show the sub-albums only, use shortcode [wppa type="covers" album="2"][/wppa]

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First album

This is the description of the first album. It has a € sign in the description.

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Category: Demo

Album # 4

This is album four. It has (') and (") quotes in its description as well as html.

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A contribution from wlukas
This album displays the thumbnails in the alternative size

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Categories: Art, Demo


Fractals made by OpaJaaps program Fractals 1.0

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If you want to show the thumbnails only, use shortcode [wppa type="thumbs" album="2"][/wppa]

Docs by subject Album display Second album
Just another album
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