Changelog 7.6.x


The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.6.10 feb 13 2021

  • Childlist cache did not got updated when a 'granted' album was created. Fixed.
  • Fixed childlist for certain album ids.
  • New setting: Table IX-A19: CSV file separator. You can now select ; vs , for csv import and export.
  • Overall performance improvement.
  • New setting: Table VII-C11: Album download link restricted. Restricts the album download link on covers (Table VI-C2) to admin and superusers.

7.6.09 feb 09 2021

  • Childlist cache did not got updated when a new top-level album was created. Fixed.
  • Fixed a js error on admin pages.

7.6.08 feb 05 2021

  • Fixed a compatibility issue with Ultimate Member when Lightbox global is active, resulting in uploading in UM no longer works.
  • Performance improvement lightbox, spheric panorama and lazy load.
  • You can now use deferred javascript (Table IV-A13) when there are zoomable and/or panoramic images on the page.
  • Fixed missing default photo description during upload.

7.6.07 jan 27 2021

  • Speeded up by caching the list of sub(sub...)albums of any album. This reduces the number of db queries in certain circumstances e.g. when the coverimage selection method is set to random or most recent from subalbums.
  • The new photo description as defined in Table IX-D5 is now applied to all media types, if not overruled by the user and required by Table IX-D3.
  • Fixed a layout issue in masonry thumbnails while using Tabby.
  • The number of colums on mobile devices when thumbnail type is Masonry Columns is now half the number on pc.
  • Fixed permalinks for pdf posterfiles.
  • Fixed incidently missing lazy loading.
  • Fixed remaking display files for pdfs with imagick.
  • Setting the status of a pdf to featured will now copy the pdf to the wp media, like photos and videos already do.
  • Photo names of pdf files are now diaplayed standard - as defined in Table IX-D13 - or as manually edited afterwards.

7.6.06 jan 13 2021

  • Fixed Cloudinary interface
  • Fixed security issues

7.6.05 jan 09 2021

  • Changes for compatibility with PHP 8
  • Changes for compatibility with plugin Tabby
  • Portrait only sidebar slideshows stopped working. Fixed.
  • New shortcode type: [wppa type="lastupdate"] with optional attribute album="id", where id is the album id. Prints the timestamp of the most recently uploaded item in the supplied album, or systemwide in the format as specified on the wp general settings page.

7.6.04 dec 28 2020

  • Fixed layout and behaviour issues in lightbox on panoramic images.
  • Improved detection of slideshows outside viewport for suspending them.
  • Fixed a php error in the error handling during upload.

7.6.03 dec 19 2020

  • Table I-A11: Sticky header size can now be set up to 400.
  • Table IV-A38: Fullscreem policy set to 'On lightbox only' stopped working. Fixed.
  • A running slideshow will be suspended until any part of the present elements (slideframe and/or filmstrip) is inside the viewport.
  • You can now filter the album table by a searcheable token from the album index.
  • New setting Table VI-A1.1a: Art Monkey new filetypes. Select filetypes to be downloadable when Table VI-C1 is set to New style. You can select Photos, Pdfs or both.

7.6.02 dec 09 2020

  • The Import page now has buttons to link to the Edit Album page near the album selection boxes to edit the just imported items.
  • Added $args = apply_filters( 'wppa_photo_entry', $args ); to function wppa_create_photo_entry( $args ); to be able to modify the photo data at the time of creating the db entry.
  • New setting: Table IV-A1.4, Non Ajax scroll. Acts like Table IV-A1.3 but for non ajax links. Note: To compensate for a sticky header, set Table I-A11 to an appropriate value; this works for both Table IV-A1.3 and Table IV-A1.4.

7.6.01 dec 03 2020

  • New setting: Table VI-C13: Moderate links admin/superuser/owner only. If ticked, the moderate links etc. on the frontend will only be shown to admins, superusers and the photo owners. The owners still need to have the capability moderate in Table VII-A.
  • Fixed links to the wp plugins page when 'gallery not album' is activated in Table IV-A36.
  • New setting Table IX-D11.4: Grant restrict. Only create albums for users with Album Admin rights, See Table VII-A, first column. They need no upload rigts.
  • New setting Table IV-A27.3: Admins Choice action. You can now select the action for Admins Choice. Either add to personal zip (default), copy to grant album if available or both. In case of album only, the links are only shown to users who have album admin rights.
  • Non admins/superusers can only delete their own photos and albums.
  • New setting Table VII-C10: Album Admin separate. Restrict album admin to separate albums for non administrators.
  • Copying photos from one album to another did not update them in cdn cloudinary. Fixed.
  • Fixes for compatibility with wp 5.6
  • You can now also enter filenames and photonames in the green search field on the Album Admin page.
  • Thumbnails of panorama images now always use the thumbnail file rather than a possible CDN file for display.
  • Creating thumbnails for 360 spheric panoramas now always use the original, i.e. not the possibly formatted source file.
  • New setting: Table IV-H4: Initial zoom spheric panorama.