Changelog General Update info


Important update notice

After updating WPPA+ Remember the following:

  • If you have a server side caching program like WP Supercache or W3 Total cache, clear the cache!!
  • If you have any other speeding up plugin installed, clear / reset / re-initialize it!!
  • If, after an update, all links from albums or photos do not seem to work anymore but just reload the page, set the permalink structure on the wp Settings -> Permalinks to Default. Verify that it works again and set the permalink structure back to what you want. Be carefull with the Custom Structure!.
  • If the Settings page stayes blank and you have w3 Total cache installed, de-activate w3 Total cache (temporary). There have been reports where it blocked the options database table

Wish List

The following is a list of wishes by visitors of the forum. There is no guarantee that these will ever be implemented, but there is a chance. The sequence is pure random and does not reflect any priority order.

  • NOT operator on multitag widget
  • Timewindow for upload on an album
  • Link to slideshow in thumbnail breadcrumb
  • Open/close feature for the custom box for geo info
  • Rating on the lightbox view
  • Export by tag selection
  • Disable ratings per album
  • Share on tumblr
  • Random selection of limited number of thumbnails of a certain album in album view

Known issues

  • There are cosmetic problems with certain slideshow animation types
  • Source images can not be rotated. Wrong oriented photos that are rotated after upload in combination with Cloudinary may result in misformed thumbnails
  • Photos on Cloudinary have no watermarks when saving source is on