The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.2.00 jun 14 2019

  • Changed defaults for Table IX-D19 and IX-D20 as this seems to be the most convenient.
  • The mailing of frontload upload notifications will now combine multiple photos in one notification email for photos that have the same owner and are in the same album, and the uploads have been done during a period of max 5 minutes.
  • For users who can create (sub) albums, the uplaod widget and the box created by [wppa type="upload"] will now show a selectionbox of parents where the user can create a subalbum. The selectionbox may contain --- none --- and --- separate --- if the user can create toplevel albums.
  • The number of downloads as enabled in Table VI-C1.x is now registered.
  • Added w#dlcount as photo description keyword to display the download count.
  • Added display and sort method Download count to the TopTen widget.
  • For lightbox, multiple single images will now be treated as a set, so you can browse through them. There will be separate sets for the three single image types photo, mphoto and xphoto
  • Fixed some ssl issues.