Regular search


The search box can be displayed by a shortcode, and in a widget.
In both versions you can specify:

  • A landing page. This is the page where the search results are displayed upon. The landingpage must contain a wppa shortcode e.g.: [wppa type="landing"]. It does not need to by type="landing"; if it is an other type, the display of that shortcode will be overwritten by the search results; quite like a slideshow overwrites a thumbnail display when you click on the thumbnail and the link on the thumbnail is set to the fullsize image in a slideshow with the linkpage set to --- The same post or page --- (See Basic settings -> Links -> II: Links from standard images -> Item 2: Thumbnail).
  • Rootsearch enabled. This means that a visitor can browse through a tree of albums before starting a search operation. When he ticks the searchroot checkbox, the search will be done from the current album (inclusive) downward. If a root album is specified, this will always be the starting point (root) of the search; like on this page: the Members album.
  • Subsearch enabled. This means that - if the checkbox is ticked - the next search is among the current results only.

On this doc page, I did the following trick: The first shortcode is a landing page shortcode, the second is the search box shortcode with the landing page set to this page. The effect hereof is, that after the selection is made, one comes back to the same page, and the search box is still on the page below the display of the search results. If you want the searchbox above the results, set the occ (occur) to 2 in Basic settings -> Search -> I -> Item 1: Search landing page and put the search shortcode as the first and the landing shortcode as the second, so the results will be placed in the place of the second wppa shortcode.

The shortcodes on this page are:
[wppa type="landing"]
[wppa type="search" landing="4564" sub="1" root="#66"]

Example: First search for Kimmy, then search for Pasja, then search for Kimmy again with the checkbox ticked, you will find only the photos that meet Kimmy as well as Pasja. The same result you get by entering Pasja Kimmy or Pasja;Kimmy. If you want all the result with Kimmy or Pasja, enter Pasja,Kimmy

  • Although this page shows both a searchwidget and a searchbox, it is not recommended to have more than wppa search input fields on any page, especially not when rootsearch is enabled or a fixed searchroot is selected. This may mix-up the saved session information about the search root to be used.
  • You can exclude photos from the search results when they are in separate albums or in any of their subalbums by ticking the box in Basic settings -> Search -> I -> Item 2: Exclude separate
  • You can include words from comments to the photos by ticking the box in Basic settings -> Search -> I -> Item 5: Include comments
  • The content of the custom datafields will be found by the search engine only if the items are used in the photo description
  • The index table is maintained at the background, e.g.: changing description of photo does not immediately update the index. It may take a few minutes (and pageloads of any page on the site by anyone) until the bacground process (cron job) completes.
  • You can exlude words by preceding them by an exclamation mark.
    If you search for red cat, you will find cats that have also the word white in their description. If you want only the cats that do not have white in the description, enter: red cat !white.
    This works on a 'chunk' basis i.e. after a comma (,) you can enter another set of searchwords, possibly with other exclusions. Example:
    red cat !white, white bird !red