A TopTen display will show a number of top rated photos, according to the configured top-criterium.
This can be achieved by a shortcode, or in a widget.

For a shortcode, the sort order is conform the setting in Basic settings -> Rating -> I -> Item 32: Top criterium in descending order.
Possible criteria are: Top rated (mean value), Rating count (number of votes), View count (number of times a visitor viewed the display or lightbox photo).

The widget on this page shows the top most frequently viewed 20 photos out of all generic albums and their sub-albums. The sort criterium can be set on the widget activation screen. The number of photos in the widget is set in Basic settings -> Widget -> I: General widget size settings -> Item 2: TopTen count. The size of the thumbnails is set in Basic settings -> Widget -> I: General widget size settings -> Item 3: TopTen size.

A TopTen display, systemwide, max 12 thumbnails, with medals only:
[wppa type="thumbs" album="#topten,0,12,medals"]

Bronzen medaille
HPIM2385.JPG (wppa-admin)
Camera info
Views: 1582 times
Waardering: 4.07
1582 x bekeken
HPIM2382.JPG (wppa-admin)
Camera info
Views: 978 times
Waardering: 3.67
978 x bekeken
HPIM2380.JPG (wppa-admin)
Camera info
Views: 939 times
Waardering: 3.33
939 x bekeken
Afb005.jpg (opajaap)
Camera info
Views: 803 times
Waardering: 4.17
803 x bekeken
HPIM0565 (opajaap)
Camera info
Views: 590 times
Waardering: 2.75
590 x bekeken
HPIM1865.JPG (opajaap)
Camera info
Views: 611 times
Waardering: 3.25
1 reactie
611 x bekeken
HPIM1866.JPG (opajaap)
Camera info
Views: 417 times
Waardering: 3.29
417 x bekeken
HPIM1867.JPG (opajaap)
Camera info
Views: 393 times
Waardering: 3.33
393 x bekeken
HPIM1870.JPG (opajaap)
Camera info
Views: 339 times
Waardering: 1.86
339 x bekeken
HPIM1868.JPG (opajaap)
Camera info
Views: 331 times
Waardering: 4.00
331 x bekeken
HPIM1871.JPG (opajaap)
Another picture of mushrooms made by Opa Jaap
Waardering: 2.33
20536 x bekeken
Bronzen medaille
HPIM0557.JPG (opajaap)
Mushroom 'rood met witte stippen' also called 'Vliegenzwam'.
Waardering: 4.00
20698 x bekeken
HPIM0563.JPG (opajaap)
Camera info
Views: 3751 times
Waardering: 3.33
3751 x bekeken
HPIM0566.JPG (opajaap)
Camera info
Views: 681 times
Waardering: 3.83
1 reactie
681 x bekeken