The following is a copy of the changelog from the readme.txt file.

6.7.06 okt 18 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hanging lightbox on old versions of Internet Explorer.
  • Album widget frontend display on backend failed due to undefined function wppa_get_coverphoto_id(). Fixed.
  • At frontend upload: selected photo tags lost accented characters. Fixed.
  • Fixed an un-well formed numeric value error in php 7.

New Features

  • Added activity widget on wp desktop
  • Added link to lightbox single image on the BestOf widget.

Other Changes

  • For clarity: The texts 'Awaiting moderation' and 'Scheduled for XXXX' are now also displayed for the owner of the photo and users with moderate rights where it applies.

6.7.05 aug 02 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Album selectionboxes on the album admin page have alphabetically sorted content again.
New Features
  • Negate option in search. Enter token1 !token2 to get all albums/photos that match token1 but do not match token2.

6.7.04 jul 23 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a filesystem rights issue.
  • Table IV-A18: cretae .htaccess file now works as expected.
Other Changes
  • Fixed photo search form for mis-behaving themes like weaver ii.
  • Logging of filesystem events. Table IX-A9.4.

6.7.03 jul 20 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Album sequence in Upload page was odd since 6.7.01. Fixed.
New Features
  • The category selection box from the widget is now also available in the search box, see Table IX-E19.
  • Up to 3 selectionboxes can be configured with lists of pre-defined search tokens. See Table IX-E20.x and the widget activation screen.

6.7.02 jul 14 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Various minor fixes that caused warnings but without any functional effect.
  • Now passes PHP 7 compatibility check without any errors or warnings.
  • Album sequence in Import page was odd since 6.7.01. Fixed.
New Features
  • Table I-G5: Fullscreen button size, to set the size of the fullscreen and exit buttons on lightbox.
  • You can secify the order number of the landing shortcode (occ) on the search landing page. This makes it possible to have the search box shortcode first, and the landing page shortcode second (occ=2). Table IX-E1.
Other Changes
  • If your theme shows a magnifier glass on the search input, the Search Photos dialog will do the same.

6.7.01 jul 08 2017

Bug Fixes
  • Under some circumstances the audiobar under slideshow was mis-aligned. Fixed.
  • Many textual fixes (mainly typos).
New Features
  • Table IX-A11: Minimum tags. These tags exist even when there are no photos that have one or more of these tags.
  • Table IX-A12: Login link. Change this if you have a custom login page and you have ticked Table IV-F1: Commenting login or Table IV-E1: Rating login.
Other Changes
  • Widgets have been revised to make the activation screens more consistent in usage and appearance.

6.7.00 jun 28 2017

Bug Fixes

  • Many textual fixes, thanx to Stefan Eggers who has completed the german translations.
  • Fixed a rounding issue in the calculation of wppa container width when the width in the shortcode was set to a fraction, causing intermittent layout issues.
New Features
  • New shortcode attribute timeout for slideshows (type="slide", type="slideonly", type="slideonlyf").
    Usage: [wppa type="slide" album="13" timeout="2000"][/wppa] for 2000ms. (2s.) timeout.
    [wppa type="slide" album="13" timeout="random"][/wppa] for a random timeout between 2 and 7 times the animation speed.
  • Completed translations for the German language, by Stefan Eggers