The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.3.03 jan 18 2020

  • Fixed a resizing issue when using nicescroller.
  • De-activated tinymce mode in wp editor on album and photo admin, due to unfixed problem in wp_editor() or tinymce.
  • Fixed duplicate ids in search code for certain themes.
  • Fixed a performance issue on the settings page for systems with many users.
  • Fixed the excessively creation of widget landing pages.
  • You can now also select POSTS as the album title link on the album admin page.
  • New checkbox: Table VI-A3: ASO. Album Specific Overrule. If you tick the ASO box, the album title link settings overrule the default album widget link type and page settings, but only when the album link page or post is not set to --- the same page or post ---
  • You can now edit iptc data on the Photo Albums -> Album Admin -> Edit Manage photos screen. The metadata in the database is updated, the source file is untouched.
  • Fixed several php warnings that show up at php version 7.4

7.3.02 jan 09 2020

  • New setting: Table IX-A11.1: Show minimum tags only. Shows only the tags defined in Table IX-A11 in the selection box on the photo admin page.
    Note that it is recommended to tick Table VII-C9: New tags restricted, if you want to prevent the creation of new tags by non-adminstrators.
  • New feature: Smart caching.
    1. Widget caching
      The widgets have an extra option on the activation screen to enable caching of the widget content.
      The cache expiration time can be selected between 5 and 60 minutes at widget activation.
      The widgets QR, Notify, Stereo, Admins choice have no caching option because it is unwanted or useless.
    2. Shortcode caching
      All wppa shortcodes except type="landing" can have an extra attribumte: cache="".
      The value betweeen the double quotes may be a number between 5 and 60, meaning the expiration time of the cache file.

    Both types of cache files will be 'smart' cleared prior to the expiration time when needed.
    On top of this, the Photo Albums admin menu has an extra option to clear all wppa cache instantaneously.

  • New setting: Table IX-A9.7: Log Timings. Logs a.o. widget and shortcode output generation times and no of queries.
  • The default state of all checkboxes in widget activation dialogs is now unchecked.

7.3.01 dec 29 2019

  • New setting: Table II-B1.2 Renew on Filmonly. Adds a renew link to the start/stop navigationbar on the slideonly display. Requires Table II-B1.1 (Start/Stop on filmonly) and Table IV-A1.0 (use Ajax) being checked.
  • New setting: Table II-B18 No animate on mobile. If ticked, slideshow does no animation on mobile devices to unload cpu.
  • Improved positioning and animations of filmonly deisplay.
  • No longer uses due to bug
    Now uses .../wp-photo-album-plus/vendor/nicescroll/jquery.nicescroll.min.js that has been patched.
  • Removed slideshw animation types that do not work properly. Remaining types are: fadeover (default), fadeafter and swipe.
  • Fixed a not defined PHP warning.
  • Fixed a fatal error in import proc.

7.3.00 dec 20 2019

  • The originators of ratings and comments are now defined by their user ID if they are loggedin, and by their IP addresses when they are not logged in. This fixes contaminations when users change their display name and in case of non unique display names.
  • Default settings are no longer stored in the wp_options db table. If a setting is set to the default value, it will be removed from the db and the deafult value will be used instead. If an update comes with a changed default value, and the setting had been set to the old default value, the setting will get the new default value. Changed default values will always be listed in the changelog.
  • Januari as next month on the real calendar was not recognized as being in the future. Fixed.
  • To speed up dynamic behaviour, redundant execution of responsive resize handler code will now be prevented as much as possible.
  • Added horizrailenabled:false to the default nicescroller options.
  • New setting: Table IV-B17: Filmonly random. If ticked, every pageload the sequence of the filmonly images will be different.
  • The initial position of the filmstrip is not animated even when the filmstrip animation is activated.