The following is a copy of the changelog from the readme.txt file.

6.8.00 jan 19 2018

Bug Fixes

  • Various minor fixes for PHP 7.2 compatibility.
  • If the visitor does not have the rights to edit a photo at the front-end, there will not be a link or button to the edit page.
  • On the Import and Upload Photos admin pages one can now select a target album even when there are more albums than the setting in Table IX-B6.3.
  • The most recently uploaded photo had its viewcount bumped for every session when the Ontbrekende foto id shortcode was enabled. Fixed.
  • If you use qr codes and cache them (See Table IX-K1.4), the cache will be cleared regularly to prvent the generation of too many files.

New Features

  • On the Album Admin -> Edit screen: the photo information now also shows the EXIF data, if available.
  • Shortcode [photo xxx] can now have 'random' as argument, e.g.: [photo random]. See Table IX-L for details.
  • On the shortcode generator, one can optionally select one or more albums for the upload box.

Other Changes

  • Supersearch. Selection boxes are now sorted, exif values are formatted.
  • Certain camera brand specific tags are now recognized and (partially) correct formatted.
  • Further improved formatting of various exif tags.