Best Of Photos


If the rating system is enabled in Table II-B7 and configured in Table IV-E according to your preferences, you can easely display the best recently rated photos using shortcode type="bestof"
[wppa type="bestof" count="6" sortby="ratingcount" period="lastyear" height="120"]

Docs by subject Best Of Photos Foto's door Kimmy Breetvelt
Solitare-bug (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
0 x bekeken
Flower-61086 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
181 x bekeken
Flower-50126 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
158 x bekeken
Flower-55530 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
149 x bekeken
Flower-51862 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
114 x bekeken
Flower-50916 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
103 x bekeken
0005 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
156 x bekeken
20171002_154932 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
120 x bekeken
HPIM2496 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info

Waardering: 5.00
139 x bekeken
HPIM2828 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
1 reactie
158 x bekeken
HPIM2501 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
76 x bekeken
HPIM2499 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
72 x bekeken
HPIM2484 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
60 x bekeken
HPIM2485 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
109 x bekeken
HPIM2501 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
73 x bekeken
HPIM2495 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
Camera info
87 x bekeken
HPIM2539 (Kimmy Breetvelt)
WieMe with my friend Pasja
Camera info
154 x bekeken
Kimmy_pixel (Kimmy Breetvelt)
WieMe, playing with my YMCK pixel
Camera info
138 x bekeken
Kimmy (Kimmy Breetvelt)
WieMe, when i was still very young
Camera info
132 x bekeken

The shortcode version supports the following optional atributes:

Attribute (default) Example Meaning
page (0) page="4711" linkpage
count (1) count="12" max number to show
sortby (maxratingcount) sortby="meanrating" the selection criterium. Must be one ot of "maxratingcount", "meanrating", "ratingcount" or "totvalue"
display (photo) display="owner" what to show. Must be one out of "photo" or "owner"
period (thisweek) period="lastyear" the period to look for. Must be one out of "lastweek", "thisweek", "lastmonth", "thismonth", "lastyear" or "thisyear"
maxratings (yes) maxratings="no" Whether to display the number of max ratings. Either "yes" or "no"
meanrat (yes) meanrat="no" Whether to display the mean rating. Either "yes" or "no"
ratcount (yes) ratcount="yes" Whether to display the number of votes. Either "yes" or "no"
totvalue (no) totvalue="no" Whether to display the total count of votes. Either "yes" or "no"
linktype (none) linktype="owneralbums" What to show on the linkpage. Must be one out of "none", "owneralbums", "ownerphotos" or "upldrphotos"
fontsize (The setting in Table II-J3) fontsize="10" The size of the font used in the subtitles
lineheight (fontsize * 1.5) lineheight="15" The lineheight for the subtitles
height (200) height="120" The total height of the displayed images Staring at version 6.8.04 this value is the maximum for the width and the height of the image

The feature is also available as widget.
The first widget shows the best rated photos last year based on mean value.

The second widget shows the best rated photos this year based on number of max ratings.

The second widget shows the names (and links to all their photos) of the best photographers of last year, based on number of max ratings.

You can select various time periods, selection critera and display options.