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Modifying WPPA+ Theme


This feature is strongly discouraged!

If you throughly studied the very many settings of the Photo Albums -> Settings admin page and you still can not get the display you want, there is a way to make your customized Theme file.

To avoid overwriting your modifications when an upgrade of WPPA+ occurs, you should make a copy of …/wordpress/wp-content/plugins/wp-photo-album-plus/theme/wppa-theme.php and place it in your Theme directory (for instance: …/wordpress/wp-content/themes/twentyten/ ) and edit that file to make your changes.

To use this file, you have to tick the box in Advanced settings -> System -> I -> Item 21: Use customized theme file first. Now as soon as the plugin finds a wppa-theme.php file in your active theme directory, it will load that one and ignore the original one. This also means that, if you regret your alterations, just delete the copy in the theme directory, and things are back to original.

By modifying the WPPA+ theme file, be aware of the fact that a new version of the plugin may imply changes in the ‘official’ theme file that are vital for the proper functioning of new features of WPPA+ or may have impact on changes in the implementation of certain features.