Changelog 7.5.x


The following is a copy of the changelog.txt file.

7.5.08 oct 16 2020

  • Fixed pre-loading in lightbox and corrected previous image selection.
  • Made zoomable image code more stable and faster.
  • Custom datafields were no longer qTranslate style translated. Fixed.

7.5.07 oct 09 2020

  • Fixed a layout issue in lightbox.
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with search plugins.
  • Fullscreen lightbox will now initially display the zoomable image screen-filling with the capability of zooming out.
  • Pertformance improvement for zoomable images.
  • Fixed a problem in calculating related data causing db errors.
  • Registering failed mails for retrying did not work. Fixed.
  • Table IX-A10: Retry failed mails has been moved to Table IX-M100.

7.5.06 sep 24 2020

  • Increased z-indexes fopr lightbox.
  • Zoomable non-panorama images were always erroneously displayed with aspect ratio 2, except in lightbox. Fixed.
  • Clicking on the background in lightbox did not always work as configured, especially at the left side of the image. Fixed.
  • New setting Table IX-E24: Use wppa search form. Tick this box when other plugins break the wppa search function.

7.5.05 sep 16 2020

  • Lightbox now works in normal mode only on iPad and Safari.
  • When fullscreen policy is set to the entire page, this will now also work when javascript is deferred and there is no wppa activity on the page.
  • Added .jpeg as remote importable filetype.
  • New virtual album type #potdhis. Dispplays the photos that are stored in the photo of the day history.

7.5.04 sep 07 2020

  • New setting: Table IV-A38: For enabling fullscreen buttons: You can select ---none---, For lightbox only or For the entire page. The colors can be set in Table III-B16.
  • Fixed a 404 on a js file in admin pages.
  • Fixed a db error when Exclude separate was active while there were no seperate albums.
  • Improved stability in lightbox displays

7.5.03 aug 30 2020

  • Performance improvements, especially in extended duplicate removal and skip separates in photo search and tag search operations.
  • To reduce http requests, there is now a combined compressed js file.
  • Now uses wp supplied jquery-masonry library rather than the one in the vendor subfolder wich has been removed.
  • Restored admin spinner that had been erroneously removed.
  • Table IX-E2: Exclude separate, now also applies to search by tag(s).
  • Some browsers do not accept entering fullscreen mode programmatically when not invoked by a direct user action like clicking a link or a button. To overcome these problems, and because some users asked me to restore the ability to run lightbox on mobile in normal mode, lightbox will now always start in normal mode, both on pc and on mobile. Both versions will have the fullscreen button to switch to fulscreen (and back) if desired.

7.5.02 aug 23 2020

  • Lightbox enhancements
    • All navigation buttons are now below the image
    • Mobile devices always run in fullscreen mode
    • The only fullscreen mode is padded
    • Switching to and from fullscreen works now properly also on mobile devices
    • Swipe left/right works on all zoomable lightbox types on mobile devices
    • Fixed GPU overload on initial display of zoomable images

7.5.01 aug 09 2020

  • Fixes to comply with WP 5.5.