The following is a copy of the changelog from the readme.txt file.

6.5.01 jul 11 2016

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a layout issue in comment admin.
  • Rating on lightbox did not work as expected. Fixed.
  • Other Changes

    • Fixed a potential security issue in comment admin.

    6.5.00 jul 10 2016

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed erroneous hi res urls when the wppa-source directory was 'outside' ABSPATH
    • Fixed an issue where certain iptc and exif data was not findable by supersearch. If you still hsve this problem, run Table VIII-A7: Recuperate.
    • In certain themes there was a line across the cover image when there was a link on the cover image. Fixed.

    New Features

    • Custom fields for albums. See Table II-J9, II-J9.xabc.
    • The album attribute in shortcodes: album="#lasten,{album},{maxcount}" has been extended with an owner part: album="#lasten,{album},{maxcount},{owner}".
    • Display optionally a counter on the photo of the day widget that indicates how many more photos there are in the album. Links to thumbnails or slideshow. See the Photo of the day admin page.
    • Table II-G21. Rating on lightbox. Works only with display type 5 or 10 stars, not for single votes or numerical display.

    Other Changes

    • Filmstrip adjustment time is now equal to the animation speed set in Table IV-B6.
    • Added two linktypes to slideshow to the Bestof widget.
    • The receiver of points for comments now also gets the points when no moderation of the comment is required.