On the full featured slideshow, the visitors can enter comments to the photos.
To switch this feature on, Tick Basic settings -> General -> I -> Item 4: Enable Comments.

You can configure the behaviour like: if the user must be logged in, if an email address is required, if a smileypicker is present, avatar display, moderation, notification emails, points rewards etc... Click the See also link near the activation checkbox Ito see all the related settings.

To show the photos that have recent comments, you can activate the ComTen widget, see the sidebar.

There is also a shortcode version for displaying the most recently commented photos.
In this example 0: system wide, 12: max 12 photos:
[wppa type="thumbs" album="#comten,0,12"]

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You can see the comments when you click on the thumbnails, they link to the slideshow.

However... It is most likely that you want the given comments to be shown together with the thumbnails. To achieve this, tick Item 7: ComTen alt display and you will get this display:
[wppa type="thumbs" album="#comten,0,12"]

Docs by subjectCommentsRecently commented photos
Pietje Puk wrote 2 years:

Heel mooie vogel!

Tina wrote 2 years:

Lief vogeltje hè?

Tina wrote 2 years:

Mooi plaatje maar ik hoef er niet heen

Kimmy Breetvelt wrote 2 years:

Mooie combi van blauwe lucht, bergen en groen!

Tina wrote 2 years:

Hier wil ik wel dichtbij wonen

Test wrote 3 years:

Just TEsting!

Serb wrote 3 years:

Just testing this thing.

Let's see how well it works.

Paul wrote 4 years:

Cool pic

Jaap Breetvelt wrote 5 years:

My Kimmy, playing with her YMCK pixel toy

Silver medal
Ritesh wrote 6 years:


TESTTEST wrote 11 years:


Opa Jaap Zelf wrote 12 years:

Spannend!!!, Heel spannend

Gold medal
ere wrote 6 years:


admin wrote 12 years:


Stefan Eggers wrote 6 years:

🙂 :mrgreen:

Gold medal
againtest wrote 6 years:


admin wrote 10 years:

This is a test comment

pil91 wrote 6 years:

En salade ou en omelette.

Note: This works only with thumbnail type default. You can force the use of type default using inline settings e.g.:
[wppa_set name="wppa_thumbtype" value="default"]
[wppa type="thumbs" album="#comten,0,12"]

See also In-line settings