Best Of Photos


If the rating system is enabled in Table II-B7 and configured in Table IV-E according to your preferences, you can easely display the best recently rated photos using shortcode type="bestof"
[wppa type="bestof" count="6" sortby="ratingcount" period="lastyear" height="120"][/wppa]

Docs by subject Best Of Photos Foto's door wl
Bronzen medaille
Aivazovsky-1835 (wl)
View of the Coast Near St. Petersburg
Camera info
Views: 1868 times
Waardering: 4.83
1868 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1851-1 (wl)
wid na smolnyj monastyr s bolshoj ohty
Camera info
Views: 942 times
Waardering: 3.80
942 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1851-2 (wl)
wid smolnogo monastyrja s bolshoj ohty
Camera info
Views: 863 times
Waardering: 2.40
863 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1851-3 (wl)
zahwat katerom merkurij shwedskogo fregata wenus 21 maja 1789 goda
Camera info
Views: 1073 times
Waardering: 3.67
1073 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-01 (wl)
e kronshtadt posle nawodnenija 7 nojabrja 1824 goda
Camera info
Views: 1081 times
Waardering: 3.67
1081 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-02 (wl)
e kronshtadtskij rejd
Camera info
Views: 1099 times
Waardering: 3.00
1099 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-03 (wl)
e lunnaja noch. bolshoj kanal w wenecii
Camera info
Views: 1038 times
Waardering: 4.67
1038 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-04 (wl)
e lunnaja noch na newe bliz birzhi
Camera info
Views: 920 times
Waardering: 4.00
920 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-05 (wl)
e naberezhnaja konstantinopolja
Camera info
Views: 990 times
Waardering: 4.00
990 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-06 (wl)
e ostende
Camera info
Views: 907 times
Waardering: 3.50
907 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-07 (wl)
e palermo
Camera info
Views: 760 times
Waardering: 4.00
760 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-08 (wl)
e wenecija nochju
Camera info
Views: 746 times
746 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-09 (wl)
kronshtadtskaja woennaja gawan posle nawodnenija. 1850 god
Camera info
Views: 808 times
808 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1851-4 (wl)
Camera info
Views: 916 times
Waardering: 4.00
916 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1851-5 (wl)
Camera info
Views: 788 times
Waardering: 4.00
788 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1841 (wl)
boj 12-pushechnogo ljugera shirokij pod komandowaniem lejtenanta n.f.metlina s grecheskim 60-pushechnym korwetom skecija w monastyrskoj buhte (ostrow paros) 27 ijulja 1832 goda
Camera info
Views: 2149 times
Waardering: 3.75
2149 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1845 (wl)
zahwat katerom merkurij shwedskogo fregata wenus 21 maja 1789 goda
Camera info
Views: 1763 times
1763 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1847 (wl)
fregat pallada 1847 goda
Camera info
Views: 1588 times
Waardering: 5.00
1588 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1848 (wl)
12 pushechnyj parohodofregat kamchatka
Camera info
Views: 1468 times
1468 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-10 (wl)
e bereg morja (sorrento)
Camera info
Views: 1121 times
1121 x bekeken
Bogolyubov-1850-11 (wl)
e boj parohodofregata wladimir s turecko-egipetskim woennym parohodom perwaz-bahri 5 nojabrja 1853 goda
Camera info
Views: 1163 times
1163 x bekeken

The shortcode version supports the following optional atributes:

Attribute (default)ExampleMeaning
page (0)page="4711"linkpage
count (1)count="12"max number to show
sortby (maxratingcount)sortby="meanrating"the selection criterium. Must be one ot of "maxratingcount", "meanrating", "ratingcount" or "totvalue"
display (photo)display="owner"what to show. Must be one out of "photo" or "owner"
period (thisweek)period="lastyear"the period to look for. Must be one out of "lastweek", "thisweek", "lastmonth", "thismonth", "lastyear" or "thisyear"
maxratings (yes)maxratings="no"Whether to display the number of max ratings. Either "yes" or "no"
meanrat (yes)meanrat="no"Whether to display the mean rating. Either "yes" or "no"
ratcount (yes)ratcount="yes"Whether to display the number of votes. Either "yes" or "no"
totvalue (no)totvalue="no"Whether to display the total count of votes. Either "yes" or "no"
linktype (none)linktype="owneralbums"What to show on the linkpage. Must be one out of "none", "owneralbums", "ownerphotos" or "upldrphotos"
fontsize (The setting in Table II-J3)fontsize="10"The size of the font used in the subtitles
lineheight (fontsize * 1.5)lineheight="15"The lineheight for the subtitles
height (200)height="120"The total height of the displayed images Staring at version 6.8.04 this value is the maximum for the width and the height of the image

The feature is also available as widget.
The first widget shows the best rated photos last year based on mean value.

The second widget shows the best rated photos this year based on number of max ratings.

The second widget shows the names (and links to all their photos) of the best photographers of last year, based on number of max ratings.

You can select various time periods, selection critera and display options.