A TopTen display will show a number of top rated photos, according to the configured top-criterium.
This can be achieved by a shortcode, or in a widget.

For a shortcode, the sort order is conform the setting in Basic settings -> Rating -> I -> Item 32: Top criterium in descending order.
Possible criteria are: Top rated (mean value), Rating count (number of votes), View count (number of times a visitor viewed the display or lightbox photo).

The widget on this page shows the top most frequently viewed 20 photos out of all generic albums and their sub-albums. The sort criterium can be set on the widget activation screen. The number of photos in the widget is set in Basic settings -> Widget -> I: General widget size settings -> Item 2: TopTen count. The size of the thumbnails is set in Basic settings -> Widget -> I: General widget size settings -> Item 3: TopTen size.

A TopTen display, systemwide, max 12 thumbnails, with medals only:
[wppa type="thumbs" album="#topten,0,12,medals"]

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image11 (opajaap)
The head of a mosquito Views: 289 times
Notes: 3.67
289 vus
image12 (opajaap)
A human head louse clinging to a hair Views: 254 times
Notes: 4.67
2 commentaires
254 vus
image13 (opajaap)
The eight eyes (two groups of four) on the head of a Mexican red-kneed tarantula Views: 248 times
Notes: 3.50
1 commentaire
248 vus
image14 (opajaap)
Cut hairs and shaving foam between two razor blades Views: 247 times
247 vus
image15 (opajaap)
Cigarette paper
Views: 269 times
Permalink to hi-res file:
Notes: 1.00
269 vus
image16 (opajaap)
The corroded surface of a rusty metal nail Views: 256 times
256 vus
image17 (opajaap)
The head of a Romanesco cauliflower Views: 248 times
Notes: 4.00
1 commentaire
248 vus
Médaille de bronze
image01 (opajaap)
Ambtenaar die een automatiseringsprobleem gaat oplossen! Views: 22953 times
Notes: 4.46
4 commentaires
22953 vus
image02 (opajaap)
The surface of an Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory silicon microchip Views: 802 times
Notes: 4.33
2 commentaires
802 vus
image03 (opajaap)
Eyelash hairs growing from the surface of human skin Views: 374 times
Notes: 4.25
2 commentaires
374 vus
image04 (opajaap)
The surface of a strawberry Views: 351 times
Notes: 4.00
2 commentaires
351 vus
image05 (opajaap)
Bacteria on the surface of a human tongue Views: 627 times
Notes: 4.67
627 vus
Médaille d'or
image06 (opajaap)
Human sperm (spermatozoa), the male sex cells Views: 446 times
Notes: 3.75
6 commentaires
446 vus
image07 (opajaap)
The nylon hooks and loops of velcro Views: 753 times
Notes: 4.33
753 vus
image08 (opajaap)
Household dust which includes long hairs such as cat fur, twisted synthetic and woolen fibers, serrated insect scales, a pollen grain, plant and insect remains Views: 755 times
Notes: 4.50
755 vus
image09 (opajaap)
The weave of a nylon stocking Views: 294 times
294 vus
image10 (opajaap)
The end of the tongue (proboscis) of a hummingbird hawkmoth Views: 313 times
Notes: 4.50
313 vus
image18 (opajaap)
The fungus Aspergillus fumigatus Views: 937 times
Notes: 4.00
2 commentaires
937 vus
image19 (opajaap)
Mushrooms spores Views: 246 times
246 vus
image20 (opajaap)
A clutch of unidentified butterfly eggs on a raspberry plant Views: 221 times
221 vus
image21 (opajaap)
Fimbriae of a Fallopian tube Views: 207 times
Notes: 3.00
207 vus
image22 (opajaap)
A daisy bud Views: 242 times
1 commentaire
242 vus
image23 (opajaap)
Calcium phosphate crystal Views: 226 times
226 vus
image24 (opajaap)
The shell of a Foraminiferan Views: 224 times
224 vus