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WPPA+ is responsive by nature, displaying at the full available width on the page. If you want a fixed width or a fraction of the pages column width, you can specify that in the shortcode.

[wppa type="cover" album="1"]

First album

Hier ist die Beschreibung des erstes Album. Es enthalt eben ein € in die tekst.
Anzeigen: 63814
Album herunterladen
Kategorie: Demo

If you specify a fraction in the shortcode, the width of the display will be that part of the available column width.
This example: 0.8 produces a display width of 80% of the available column width.
You may wish to align the display left, center or right.
[wppa type="thumbs" album="1" size="0.8" align="center"]

Hier ist die Beschreibung des erstes Album. Es enthalt eben ein € in die tekst.
HPIM1529.JPG (opajaap)
Views: 38593 times
Bewertung: 3.32
1 Kommentar
38593 Ansichte
HPIM0467.jpg (opajaap)
Views: 6025 times
Bewertung: 3.30
3 Kommentare
6025 Ansichte
HPIM1530.JPG (opajaap)
Views: 4628 times
Bewertung: 3.53
4628 Ansichte
HPIM2380.JPG (opajaap)
Views: 4329 times
Bewertung: 3.91
2 Kommentare
4329 Ansichte
HPIM1531.JPG (opajaap)
Views: 7406 times
Bewertung: 3.53
2 Kommentare
7406 Ansichte
HPIM2552.JPG (wppa-admin)
Views: 2833 times
Camera info

Bewertung: 2.53
1 Kommentar
2833 Ansichte

If you specify a pixelsize, the width will be set to that size, even on (the most) responsive themes.
[wppa type="thumbs" album="1" size="400" align="right"]

Invalid or incomplete url supplied

When displaying single photos, make sure your display files have large enough pixelsizes to fill the width of the display. If you downsize during upload/import, the max size of the display files will be as set in Basic settings -> Photos -> I: Photo specifications -> Item 1: Resize during upload.
In slideshows, the photos will never be displayed larger than tey are, unless you tick Basic settings -> Slideshow -> I: Sllideshow component specifications -> Item 3: Stretch to fit.

[wppa type="photo" photo="4257"]


A photo with a large enough pixelsize ( 1620 x 1080 )

[wppa type="photo" photo="4256"]


The pixelsize of this photo is only 200 x 133